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Negligent Security Lawyers, protecting those injured by the violent acts of others

Negligent Security Lawyer - Rubenstein Law

Negligent Security Lawyer

Were you a victim of a robbery while leaving a grocery store, restaurant or mall? Have you been attacked in an apartment complex, concert venue, or parking deck? Were you injured in a shooting or have you lost a loved one due to the violent act of another? The moments and days after an attack are often a scary and overwhelming time for the victim and their family. Let us help. We understand these crimes have tragic and immediate consequences. Our personal injury attorneys can help you through the process and determine if better security measures should've been in place to prevent your attack.

Hold the right people accountable for your injury.

While violent crime is unpredictable and seemingly random, sometimes crime victims suffer unnecessarily due to a preventable attack. This happens when a property owner or security company fails to use adequate security measures to protect the public. If you or a family member have suffered a preventable attack, our negligent security attorneys will work to get you the compensation you need and deserve. The expense from medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering can add up quickly. By bringing a claim and holding the property owner or security company responsible, you also encourage them to fix their lax protective measures which can save other families from future attacks and injury.

Some examples of negligent security are:

  • No security when the property owner knows about risks of attacks
  • Past attacks and no attempt at making the property safer
  • Poor or damaged lighting
  • Unlocked or broken gates or doors
  • Untrained or poorly trained security guards
  • Security guards not making appropriate rounds

Businesses must be safe for customers and guests.

Business and property owners are required by law to provide a safe location for their customers, visitors and guests. If the owners fail to do so, they may face civil action for negligent security. Generally, there is no duty to protect against a crime committed by a third person. 

The criminal assailant may not be the only one responsible for incidents such as:

  • Criminal assault
  • Attack with a knife, gun, or other weapons
  • Rape or sexual assault
  • Robbery
  • Other violence

At Rubenstein Law, we understand how upsetting and even painful it can be to suffer a violent assault, especially one that could have been prevented by simple security measures. While money doesn’t make everything better, it can help with bills, lost wages, and medical expenses incurred from an attack. Our personal injury lawyers are here to fight for you and your family 365 days a year 24/7. Call us now or visit your nearby office in Broward, Daytona, Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Kissimmee, Melbourne, Miami, N. Miami, Orlando, Tampa, St. Pete, and, West Palm Beach. Remote and virtual appointments are available. No costs or fees unless or until you win money.