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4 Motorcycle Safety Quick Tips from Our Motorcycles Division

At Rubenstein Law, we not only believe in enjoyable motorcycling, but we also promote rider education and safety.   Remember to ride defensively by keeping these few simple rules in mind.


DON'T BE INVISIBLE Make yourself noticed by other drivers by using your lights and proper lane position.


WEAR THE PROPER RIDING GEAR. Protect yourself by choosing the appropriate footwear, helmet, clothing and equipment.


STAY ALERT. Don't impair your senses with alcohol or drugs. Avoid riding when feeling fatigued or sleepy.


KEEP YOUR BIKE SAFE Use a tire pressure gauge to check your pressure weekly. Tires need to be inspected regularly. Use a microfiber cloth to go over your bike, which will allow you to find any loose parts, fasteners or areas needing attention while polishing.  A little regular maintenance goes a long way to preventing problems on the road.

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