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Rubenstein Law Partners with Sugar 4 Kids Toy Drive

Rubenstein Law returns another year to Sugar 4 Kids toy drive hosted by Peterson's Harley-Davidson in Miami on December 8. Participants who bring a toy for children aged 3-10 and a $10 registration will fee will join the police-escorted ride to West Perrine Park from Peterson's Harley-Davidson South. Visit their site for more information regarding event and donations.

Sugar 4 Kids Foundation's goal this holiday is to raise funds to purchase 100 laptops, 500+ toys and bicycles, as well as 20 senior graduation sponsorships. These gifts will give students the resources they need for a better educational experience. 

Founded in 2016 by Mary Faison, Sugar 4 Kids seeks to empower children in low-income communities with all the tools necessary to thrive. In 2016, over 1,500 toys were collected for almost 1,000 children. There was also a generous collection of bicycles and tablets. The children served come from homes where electricity, A/C and technology are scarce. Many don't own a PC at home to allow them to complete homework assignments. The foundation welcomes community involvedment and support from local business, organizations, residents, and municipalities.