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Peter Hunt and Pierre Daniel - Automobile Accident

Final Result: $400,000

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle being driven by her father. As they approached a stop light attempting to turn right, they were rear-ended by a driver in a company vehicle. The defendant driver claimed that our client’s vehicle cut him off. They also claimed that there was no visible property damage to the rear of their vehicle and no damage to the front of the defendant’s vehicle, so there was no way that this crash could have caused any injuries. The defense hired a biomechanical engineer and a crash reconstruction expert to dispute the liability and causation claims in the case. After de-bunking their “science,” we were able to secure a settlement of $400,000.00 for this client. The settlement did not come from an insurance company, but rather from the defendant’s own corporate pocket. 

Disclaimer: Before fees and costs. Prior results do do not guarantee future results.