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Million Dollar Settlement for Car Accident in Miami

$1.625 Million

Our clients were on their way to a Miami charity event when a commercial truck sideswiped them while attempting to change lanes.  Both the driver and passenger sustained serious injuries requiring multiple surgeries. Attorney Daivelis Garcia overcame a difficult causation argument from the insurance company & negotiated a settlement of $1.625 million dollars for our clients.

One of the greatest challenges in the case was proving that one victim in the accident did not have any prior medical issues. But one of our clients, "Brendan," had no need of medical care in the past. His health was optimal and had not visited a doctor in 10 years. The insurance adjusters found this difficult to believe, especially after they pulled up medical information on someone with "Brendan's" same name and date of birth. 

After undergoing therapy and several surgeries such as lower back fusion, Daivelis secured a favorable settlement to help her clients move forward after their accident.

"Clients need to understand that cases for serious injuries take time," Daivelis said. "The insurance companies will take their time to investigate, especially when clients have undergone multiple surgeries."